Monday, August 12, 2013

Wandering Room

What is your beverage of choice in the morning? Is it tea, coffee, water, maybe a protein drink, maybe a smoothie? This week my beverage has been coffee. Coffee is a necessity when the average time I wake up is 10 AM and my grandmother is up and ready to run around at 5 AM.

Yesterday started off with a large cup of coffee with cream and sugar and then we (my mother, myself and my grandmother) were off. We toured the food truck fair that was going on and of course had some grub that consisted of hand cut french-fries with sea salt and a vegan falafel before setting off to the Barnes art museum; which I must say, traditional paintings are not my cuppa tea. I have total appreciation for the work, but it doesn't interest me. I have more interest looking at sculptures and abstract art. I am not sure why. In the Barnes there were rooms filled with paintings, but they seemed to mesh together in a blob of dull portraits of naked women and fruit; this artwork didn't light my spark of imagination.  Abstract art and sculptures on the other hand make my mind wander. They are left open for interpretation by the viewer instead of traditional paintings being very straightforward. Maybe I just like the endless reasons of abstract art. Here are a few examples of abstract art:

Today as usual I was up at 10, but instead of taking a few hours to get up and ready I was ready at 11(wow what an achievement). This afternoon we were going to the fine city of Philadelphia! It took about an hour to get there after a few errands, so we arrived around 1. Today's mission was to go to some museums starting with the Betsy Ross House (which ended up being the only museum we went to, the rest were closed on Mondays) which was amazing. There was an actual person pretending to be Betsy and explaining her life. Quite entertaining. I even got at tutorial on how to make a star out of paper with one cut.

Tomorrow we(my mother and I) plan to go back to Philly and got to the Constitution Center where the constitution was signed and the Liberty Bell.

On Wednesday we are going to high tea! I have a little secret; I am kind of obsessed with the Victorian time period, but you can't tell any one. If you are not quite sure what high tea is; high tea was held around 3 or 4 as a 'snack' before dinner, but it is actually quite heavy. Here is a menu.

With that small bite of info about tea I say au revoir, vaarwel, elveda, and goodbye!
Where there is tea there is hope
Arthur Wing Pinero 


  1. I am so happy you are getting to make this journey. It is so important to be moving forward; to understand our journey while we are on it. Without knowing where we are going it is hard to make sense of where we have been. It is also a blessing that you are getting to see and experience such strong women in your life. I am sure they are taking every opportunity to speak into you and invest in you.

    As for art? I don't like Impressionism, Realism, Medieval, etc. I prefer mid-Century Modern or Avante-Garde. There is something about the proverbial middle finger being given to the art world who with one tongue talks about freedom through art but then with the other decides what is and what is not art. I love the notion of an artist drawing stick figures or squirting paint onto a canvas and then scribbling profound messages across it. That juxtaposition is just awesome. As you can imagine I am drawn to those who just won't accept status quo.

    You be good Sicily. Eat your falafel and know we send you blessings regularly!

    1. Andrew,

      Thank you for your comment; I am so grateful to go on this journey and see all of the powerful women in my life. As for the art I haven't experienced much art but I will definitely research mid-Century Modern and Avante-Guard more; but from what I've seen I can see why you are drawn to it.

      I think we might be stopping by you, so we can talk in person a bit more.

      I enjoyed the falafel but I think french-fries are more my cuppa tea. Pun totally intended.

    2. Those French fries were really delicious. That food truck in general was pretty good!!!