Friday, September 13, 2013

Postcard from Assateague

There is a soft aroma of burnt wood and sea salt swirling around me like the ocean itself. I smell sunscreen faintly, probably from the hours we spent on the white sand beach. In this moment I thought we were in a complete state of happiness. The sound of crashing waves softly wafts from over the dunes. The crackle of the fire mixes in there, and the sound of wild ponies chomping on grass made me believe this place is to perfect to be real. 

I never wanted to leave this state of relaxation, but alas the fire has to be put out. With a loud hiss and steam surrounding everything like a cloud, the warmth I so love was gone. Luckily this feeling of perfect bliss is not a once in a lifetime experience. I still have a couple more days of bliss.

Along comes the day I have to leave my personal paradise, but I have no need to fret. I will be back. I can continue to replay my memories without sadness knowing I will soon be in my paradise once again.

Where there is tea there is hope
Arthur Wing Pinero 


  1. I can smell the salt air and feel the sand between my toes!!

  2. I remember visiting the wild ponies. So sorry to hear of your Dad. I lost my Mom to cancer. It takes time to "recover" from such a lost. And frankly "recover" we don't but hopefully in time it hurts less. I like your the abstract paintings. I wish you and your Mom well. I hope you can rest on your trip and enjoy.